No sightings of Roe Deer, Hare or Badger will be mentioned on this blog throughout the year and links will be removed from other blogs giving the whereabouts of these mammals due to the rising influx of poaching, long dogging and lamping by sick individuals.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A soggy Ogden but worth it.

                                 The large bush on the right that the Yellow Browed kept disappearing
                                 into and the Willow on the left that it kept flying across to.

                                   This seems like the roosting tree.
                                  The grim view across the water.

On arrival 2 Chiffchaffs and a smaller bird were present in the willow but I couldnt get onto the third bird.
After standing over an hour in the pouring rain firstly a Chiffchaff appeared followed by a second from the large bush into the Willow but only briefly before darting back into the bush. Minutes later the Yellow Browed warb did the same flitting briefly low down in the willow and back. In the poor light its supercillium looked almost luminous. After another 30 minutes and several more sightings of the Chiffchaffs it did the same but this time going up to the top of the willow before dropping quickly down and back to the bush.
It gave 1 more brief appearance doing the same, again after another 30 minutes and that was the last time I saw it although the Chiffchaffs continued to do the same until I left.
Unfortunately NCD and SC had left, again about 30 minutes before the bird appeared then Denise S and AC arrived but by this time the already bad light was fading.
At least its proved that the bird is still there so hopefully the weather will be kinder tomorrow for those that can make it.

Ogden twitch continues

                                    4 Cormorant present early morning

Fogged off at Fly Flatts so back to Ogden where the weather was poor with heavy drizzle and a strong SW which dropped mid morning. No sign of Denises Yellow Browed Warbler but not surprisingly in the conditions, will give it another go at tea time hopefully.
4 Cormorants were on the water leaving >N and 2 Chiffchaffs were in the Willows.
The Dipper showed briefly on the shale pond and the usual Heron was present.
Nice again to meet up  with  the finder DS + NK, MH, and Bruce. Expected to see a hoard of birders round there today but the weather or other commitments must have put them off.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yellow Browed Warbler/ Super Woman strikes again

                                       What a cracking bird                     photo BS
                Not easy to focus in the Willows               photo BS
                                                                                 Photo BS
                                   Here comes the cavalry DJS
                               Must be somewhere  NK, DS, DJS
                                 The proud finder Denise looking casual.
                                     Distraction from a raptor
                                            Getting a bit bad on the light
                                                   Job over.

The Ogden Twitch.
The excitement started at lunchtime when eagle eyed Denise S rang NK to say she had found and photographed a Yellow-Browed Warbler at Ogden in amongst a flock of Long Tailed Tits and Goldcrests along with a Chiffchaff.
Nigel put the word out and the search was on to relocate the bird. PJWS briefly saw the bird but no one else managed to get a sighting.
It was late afternoon by the time I could get to the site and birders were still looking. By 1700hrs there was just DS, NK,  DJS and myself  left so we decided to take a gamble and check the opposite bank of the reservoir where the sun was on the willows and a known place for evening tit flocks.
After checking out several flitting birds there it was with a Chiffchaff  flitting about in the Willows just above the water. At one point it was within 3m of us but nearly impossible to photograph in the foliage, if anyone wants any photos of willow leaves and branches Denise and me have hundreds.
It was amazing to see such a bird so close and I dont think Ive ever heard so many swear words in such a short time before.
Finally we ran out of light so had to call it a day, who would have thought it, a YELLOW BROWED WARBLER at Ogden.
Many thanks to the NK, for keeping me informed and spending most of the day searching and to DJS for keeping the word passed around and a special mammoth thank you to the finder Denise for using her skill to find and i.d. the bird, getting the word out fast and for sticking at it the rest of the day until it was re located ,and especially for getting me a lifer.
See Queensburybirder site for Denises pics.

Other birds present
1 Peregrine
1 Kestrel
1 Chiffchaff
sev Goldcrests, tits etc
1 Cormorant and a Heron.
1 Gt Spotted Woodpecer
House Martins and Swallows

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ogden last light.

                                  Gulls moving off in fading light.
                                                      Heres the reason why. Sparrowhawk
An after tea visit to Ogden got me there just in time for the torrential shower and light already beginning to fade but nice to get out after a day in the garage.
Pre roost gull numbers are rising with c 160 small gulls, 70% being BHGs and 30% Commons on the water but a fly past of the local Sparrowhawk lifted them up leaving >S.
The Cormorants had already left to roost so other than Mallard the water was void of bird life.
18 Swallows flew over >S and 2 Grey Wagtails flew high over the info centre >SW but this could have been the resident pair.
Will give Ogden a better look at tomorrow late afternoon hopefully and check out some of these Robins for continentals.
About another week now and evening birding will be lost to the dark nights.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Queensbury Today

                                   We breed mean looking crows in Queensbury.

                                               This years offspring.

A better moving day today with Meadow Pipits over in force >S till just after midday then taken over with Swallows and finches.
Foxhill park at lunch time was down to a trickle of Mipits but several Chaffinch, Greenfinch and Goldfinch were all heading >SW.
Swallows continued moving >S until last light.
Just as darkness closed in, 1915hrs, 4 Pipistrelle bats were hunting over the trees in Foxhill Park along with another single bat more than twice the size, about the size of a Swallow but much plumper. Dont do Bats so that could be one for Bruces team.
Another customers report of Pinkies moving , this time down the east coast past Hornsea heading for The Wash in big numbers. Looks like a lot are following the coastlines down this year and missing us out.
Last night I predicted winter thrushes being seen any day now and the first Redwings were spotted today over Northowram, AC.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


                                    Performing Black Headed Gull.

Yet another morning of thick fog then rain on and off all day.
Once the fog cleared late morning Meadow Pipits were going over >S in small groups meaning that there was a decent push over the moors. This continued till about 1400 hrs before stopping.
Midday at Foxhill was quiet with just me, 3 dogs and a performing BHG which was handy for camera practice, otherwise , apart from the moving Mipits, all was quiet. I take the big camera with me every lunch time walk now in case that well awaited skein of Pinkies come over my way and if it happens between times I have my other camera in my pocket at the ready.
Winter Thrushes are hitting the coastline now so its only a matter of time before we start getting sightings.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Green Lane

                                  Last light, Little Owl sheltering.

After another day of non stop rain todays report was looking grim apart from 38 mixed small gulls in Foxhill park at midday, ideal conditions for them as it is three parts flooded.
A planned after tea trip to Ogden was thwarted when I had to do a breakdown at Shelf and as I was coming back at 1830 it was already near dark.
A quick divert around Corporal Hill to check the flooded fields found several small gulls but already leaving for roost. Mallards were enjoying the new field ponds with around 15 counted whilst 3 Grey Partridge dashed across the road and disappeared in the long grass. One Little Owl was sheltering amongst the breeze blocks with another screaming from lower in the valley.
A customer came in today to tell me they were at their caravan over the weekend at Knott End near Fleetwood on the Wyre estuary where 100s of Pink Footed geese were coming in to the salt marshes. She said the noise was frightening as they came over the caravan and at some points the sky was nearly black with them. Im really glad she told me that after Id stood at Fly Flatts for 4 hrs without seeing any on Sunday.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Famous photographer in our midst, as seen on TV

                                        Photo courtesy Tracy C.   Copyright 2012.

A crippling shot of Saturday nights sunset over Ogden showing reflections on the calm water.
Tracy sent this photo in to YTV and it was shown Sunday on the weather program. Nice one Tracy.
A good picture to have blown up over your fireplace.

Nothing to report today in the continuous fog and rain. I think we can forget waders this year now unless we get any fly overs.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ogden pm visit

                                             Still distant shots of Wigeon

                                        1 very mobile Cormorant left.

A late afternoon dash to Ogden to try get better pictures of the Fly Flatts Wigeon before the rain came in found me just making it by the skin of my teeth as after 15 minutes there the rain poured down and the fog came in but not before Id got a few snaps.
As usual the Wigeon were right in the centre of the water not much nearer than this mornings sighting and just 1 cormorant was left but very mobile.
Thanks for the tip off from Denise via Nigel of the birds presence.

Fly Flatts

                                          A good sunrise

                                             Hazy grey skies
                     Distant record shots, Wigeon

                                           More gulls than usual on the water

Fly Flatts 0645-1000hrs Red Ball sunrise, thick fog in the eastern valley. SE>4

Luckily I was at the right side of the hill for a change with dense fog coming up out of the valleys to my east and even blanking DCB out just over the hill from me whilst Fly Flatts remained clear.
The expected mega move never happened even though conditions were good with a early push of Mipits followed by a reasonable movement of Swallows all low coming through the col past the Nab.
A small number of finches came out from the top of Paul Clough inviting a presence of raptors.
Three Wigeon on the water was good but sticking to the far bank out of camera range whilst another 2 flew over far to the west.
3 Kestrel...................>SW
1 Merlin....................>S
1 Peregrine...............>SW
2 Wigeon.................>S
3 Wigeon on water
368 Swallow...........>S
230 Meadow Pipit...>S
32 Common Gull.....>NW
25 LBB gull........... >NW
121 BHGs.............SE
89 Chaffinch.........>W
9 Siskin................>W
11 Greenfinch.......>W