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No wildlife sightings including Roe Deer, Fox, Hare or Badger will be mentioned on this blog throughout the year due to the rising influx of poaching, long dogging and lamping by sick individuals.

Any sighting of birds of a sensitive nature throughout the breeding season will be omitted from the blog if I believe that in any way it could jeopardize the welfare or breeding of the species .
Sightings in this category will just be passed on to the Calderdale bird recorder.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The movement continues

    Took the grand daughters to Saville Park yesterday and this mouse kept
 coming out for bits of their ice cream cornet.

      Next doors garden is full of young Blue and Great Tits

                                              A Coal Tit gets in on the act.

Another moving day which started with a call from AC this morning reporting a Yellow Legged Herring gull over Northowram and heading my way. A dash into the car park and after a few minutes a Herring type gull, presumed to be ACs bird, was heading in my direction over the mill but as it got nearer it turned to head SSW in the direction of Ringby Top. Thanks for the call Andy.
The next report came from Calderbirds with a Common Tern on the depth buoy at Ogden though the bird soon moved on >S.
A 2nd Yellow Legged Herring gull was later picked up at Fly Flatts by NK, probably the Oxenhope bird.
With June now out of the way and things already on the move we could have a  few good months ahead, says he hopefully !

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oxenhope revisited pm

                                 Gulls on the water, 2 Teal in the foreground
                                    1 of 3 Teal out in the middle.
                           Unusual for Teal to be away from the edges.
Oxenhope, B.O.G. members only.

With little time to spare late p.m. it was a quick dash to check for anything new at Oxenhope but the picture was much the same as yesterday but with the addition of 3 Teal out in the middle of the water.
The gull count was higher with around 460 Lesser Black Backed, around a third of these being juvs, 28 Black Headed and a single Herring gull out on the water at the south end which I was scoping from the north end, windy corner so could,nt tell if it was the Yellow Legged or not and no time to walk the length of the reservoir to check.
Nothing showing on the lagoons yet but will soon be filling up with non flying Mallards in eclipse and hopefully I,ll get a repeat of last years Green Sandpiper.

460 LBB gulls
1 Herring gull
28 BH gulls
3 Common Sandpiper
3 Teal
5 Curlew
+ same water fowl as yesterdays report.

Fly Flatts, its all starting to happen now.

                                   Distant Snipe in a dive
                                  2 Oystercatchers on the jetty
                                  Grey Wagtail
            Always nice to get Dunlin
                                    1 of 3 Redshank

            100 s of Swifts moving through >N
        At least 12 Common Sandpipers

                      Lapwing still protecting chick

Fly Flatts  0630-0945hrs.   Heavy rain easing to drizzle and then sunshine and showers N>5.

A wet , blustery Fly Flatts proved perfect conditions this morning to provide the goods.
The shoreline now showing was alive with waders counting at least 12 Common Sandpipers not including the east shore. Nice to find 3 Dunlin along with 3 Redshank whilst literally 100s of Swifts were moving through >N.
Most of the Canadas have gone with 1 family of 9 left and only 1 Curlew was present as well as 1 Lapwing.

3 Dunlin
3 Redshank
3 Snipe
12 + Common Sandpipers
2 Oystercatchers
1 Grey Wagtail
4 LBB gulls
2 Pied Wagtails + 1 juv
1 Curlew
11 Canadas
3 Mallard
+ usual Mipits etc
No Twite and no early Wheatear.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

July starting early. Oxenhope

                                             Common Sandpiper

                         Coming in to land
                                                   Grey Partridge
                   Curlew amongst the LBBs

                                         Gulls heading in, pre roost

                                    2 of 4 Common Sandpiper
                         Late Mallard family
                        Plenty Swifts overhead
                Target bird, Yellow Legged Herring Gull

Oxenhope, B.O.G. members only  1600-1700hrs

Ideal conditions with light drizzle and a cool SE>4 and cloudy skies, real wader tackle.
An active hour with a real taste of mid July. Curlews were moving over >NW continuous with several blogging birds still present whilst gull numbers increased, these all being Lesser Black Backed apart from 3 Herring gulls which obligingly stood on the south wall allowing me to scope them, the centre one standing out with bright yellow legs , large fiece head and bright gonis.  Even better, when they left it flew past to the east of me heading >N.
4 Common Sandpipers were present along with 2 Redshank.

4 Common Sandpipers
2 Redshank
270 LBB gulls
2 Herring gulls
1 Yellow Legged Herring gull
15 Lapwing >E
12 Canadas
1 Greylag
2 Grey Partridge
5 Red Legged Partridge
3 Pied Wagtails
32 Curlew >NW + several bloggers
+ usual sp.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Queensbury Today

At last some decent moving weather with a cool E>4 and low cloud with drizzle, heavy at times, I can almost smell the waders on their way in.
Some signs of movement today with 11 Lapwing over the garage heading towards Shelf Moor and another 6 were seen yesterday which I forgot to report.
A single Cormorant was way out to the east heading >N up the Aire Valley at midday and a report yesterday from Shaun Radcliffe, ( B.O.G.) of a Wheatear above Bingley meaning that they are starting on their way back through the area, better keep an eye out on Soil Hill.
Check those reservoirs this weekend, most are showing small amounts of shoreline now, enough to tempt a wader or two down.
The Calderbirds 2 year report 2011/2012  is now out and available from Woodlesford newsagents, Moor End Rd, Halifax or see Calderbirds blog for other sources .  Well done to Nick Dawtrey for putting it together, a real handy area reference for £ 6.50.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Harp Lane, Queensbury

              A well overgrown Harp Lane
          Several of the passerines moved on now
                                    Looking >NE over Carter Lane
             Adult Carrion Crow with juv below

                                 Thornton church in the centre
                                        Plenty LBB gulls over high and >W

           Sundog in darkening clouds over Foxhill.

A dog walk down Harp Lane, Foxhill this evening found the Wren, Robin and Dunnock families had moved on leaving it quiet other than a few Blue Tits and Chaffinch.
A pair of Carrion Crow with 1 well grown juv were in the tree tops along with several noisy Magpies.
Back in Foxhill park up to 30 Lesser Black Backed were soaring very high and drifting >W with around 20 feeding Swifts so high up they were nearly out of sight.
A Sun Dog was showing well overhead.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ogden, early evening flying visit

              A very still  Ogden in strange evening light
              Heron lurking across the water
                   12 Canada Geese present
                           2 Nuthatch around the feeders

With half an hour spare it was across to Ogden to check the water and shoreline.
12  Canadas were on the water along with the usual Mallards, all of which are going into eclipse.
A single Moorhen was under the east  bank at the north end and a Heron was near the nw corner.
Plenty Swifts, House Martins and Swallows were overhead whilst 2 Nuthatches were around the feeders.