No sightings of Roe Deer, Hare or Badger will be mentioned on this blog throughout the year and links will be removed from other blogs giving the whereabouts of these mammals due to the rising influx of poaching, long dogging and lamping by sick individuals.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


YL Gull from opposite shore

3 Herons present

Ogden Calm, hot and sticky. 0715-0830hrs

Just a once around the reservoir this a.m. found the YL Herring gull still present along with Common , LBB and Black Headeds.
The gulls were on the west shore out of sight from that area due to trees and thick vegetation so could only be viewed from the opposite shore.
Very little else about apart from 3 Herons, several Swallows and a suprise Swift over >SW, is anyone else still getting Swift?

140 BH gull
16 Common gull
14 LBB gull
1 YL Herring gull
3 Heron
1 Swift >SW
sev Swallows
+usual sp.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Good to see LBBs using Ogden more

Ogden 0715-0900hrs Bright and sunny, slight northerly breeze coming down the col.

Just a quick skim around Ogden this morning to stop the birding withdrawal symptoms setting in and glad to see that I dont seem to be missing much. Hopefully by the time vis mig starts to kick in during August I,ll be something near back on track.
Very quiet this morning but nice to see a good count of LBBs in with the Black Headeds though Common gulls were non existant.
Theres been nothing to report around the village of late other than 2 Spitfires overhead last week and me with no camera and gull numbers increasing with Common Gulls back in Foxhill park and several flocks of LBBs over each evening in V formation.

14 LBBs
123 Black Headed
1 Nuthatch calling but unseen
Good number of Dunnocks
No sign or sound of warblers.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Backseat for birding.

Due to a massive work load both at home and looking after relatives etc birding will have to take a back seat for the moment until things straighten out so daily updates will not be possible unless of course something special shows.  I  will return.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Some sign of movement

Good numbers of swallows have been moving >W over the village today in that head down , determined flight mode along with several parties of Swifts going in the same direction.
This evening 4 Golden Plover came over Foxhill Park very high and >E disappearing in the direction of Yeadon airport, a well known gathering sight in autumn.
LBB gulls come over each evening now around 2100hrs from the direction of Fly Flatts heading >E.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fly Flatts/Ogden

An armada of Canadas at Fly Flatts, 300+

BH Gulls looking smart

Single Oystercatcher at Ogden

Fly Flatts 0645-0800hrs Heavy showers throughout then rain and mist by 0800hrs. Cold WNW>4
Ogden 0830-0945hrs Dry and bright, slight W>2

A miserable morning at Fly Flatts finally having to be aborted at 0800hrs due to thick mist rolling across the moor and settling over the water. Skies were quiet and the water was full of Canadas but sadly , as expected, no Scoters which seem to arrive in the evening and have gone by morning. Meadow Pipits are now flocking ready to start moving though several are still carrying food. The water level is still extremely low despite all the rain so things are looking good for the autumn.
Ogden was better weather wise with cloudy skies and little breeze. Several Swifts were moving over >W, another few weeks and they,ll be gone, whilst the wood was very quiet with no Warblers seen around the waters edge. A single Oystercatcher was sleeping on the western shore and BH gull numbers are increasing with only one LBB present briefly along with 1 Common gull.

Fly Flatts
3 LR Plover
2 Ringed Plover
1 Oystercatcher
4 Common Sandpiper
1ad + 3 juv Wheatear
300 + Canadas
Mipits everywhere
1 Hare.

12 Canadas
16 BH gulls
1 Common Gull
1 LBB Gull
1 Oystercatcher
several Swifts >W
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Troubled skies over Queensbury

Grey skies over the Speak Institute , Mountain

Moving over Foxhill

Storm clouds overhead

Raining stair rods

A day of sunshine, torrential showers and thunderstorms with virtually no sky movement.
By 1830 hours gulls were leaving the reservoirs to the west and moving >E over Queensbury in the direction of Leeds and Eccup reservoir. The majority of these were LBBs with a few Black Headed mixed in.
As always ,tonight the skies were alive with LBB gulls over the B.R.I and Listers Mill area all soaring over the buildings. Dont know what the attraction is in that particular area?
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stormy skies

A day of sunshine and showers finishing off with an early evening thunderstorm then blue skies to end the day.
Very little bird wise other than a few BH gulls and LBBs moving around in no certain direction and a good number of Swifts motoring through >E ahead of the storm. Hopefully the conditions will have stirred things into moving a little.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turn for the Black Headed

Forty eight BH gulls came over Foxhill at mid day all >E and during a torrential shower which I was lucky enough to be dog walking in then the sun came out as I got back to work.
A few LBBs were moving >W and 2 Meadow Pipits were on the rugby field which was unusual.
Bad news that the Common Scoters have left Fly Flatts so quickly but that was to be expected, see NKs Queensburybirder blog.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LBB gull cross over

LBB gulls were moving over Foxhill at 1900hrs this evening , some were moving very fast and low heading >W in the direction of Fly Flatts whilst several birds were very high, soaring and circling whilst slowly drifting >E in the direction of Eccup reservoir.
Pied Wagtails continued moving >S early a.m. showing signs of early dispersion with 7 over at 0715hrs.
YL Gulls are still around the area and well found to DJS for his 27 Common Scoters on Fly Flatts this a.m. , see Calderbirds.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Queensbury Today

LBBs now a common sight

Swifts about in good numbers

Another sticky hot day but a bit less sunshine with good grey skies early morning.
LBB gulls were again the bird of the day with a steady flow most of the day all moving W and NW.
Swifts were out in force feeding and moving in no particular direction with Swallows skimming low over the end of season mown pitches in Foxhill.
Pied Wagtail numbers are increasing in the area with 5 adult birds in the park at mid day and 3 >S over the garage early a.m.
A cracking male Sparrowhawk drifted slowly over the rugby field as I was walking home tonight and flew low over my head. Never thought about the camera in my pocket, just stood watching it with my mouth open, what a dope!
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gulls Galore, Causeway Foot col

Mostly LBBs

                                                Some Common and BH mixed in

Causeway Foot col 1700-1845hrs Red hot sunshine, yuk again, I hate this weather.
Came back with a face like a Turkeycock and half blinded with trying to look into the sun.
No gulls on Soil Hill but a constant flow all heading directly >W over Fly Flatts.
They were coming over in waves of 10 - 15 birds then a short lull before the next wave.
LBBs were the dominant gull but a few Black Headed and Commons were mixed in with them.
Swifts and Swallows were also piling over >W along with a few House Martins.

293 LBBs
16 BH
9 Common
Several Swallows, Swifts and about 12 House Martin.
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Fly Flatts

Plenty Mipits still carrying food

A mottled sky

Only 4 LBBs this morning

A good year for Common Sandpipers

Fly Flatts 0630-0930hrs Hot and Sunny. yuk !

A good morning if you were on the beach at Scarborough but no good for Fly Flatts. Even at 0630hrs when I arrived the sun was blinding hot but at least I bet the public and wind surfers.
Did a thorough check of the area but the Greenshank had moved overnight taking advantage of the clear sky.
A Ringed Plover looked new in and it was good to see 2 seperate Wheatear each with one juv.
Ten minutes after Id left DCB gave me a call to alert me on a Common Tern coming over the nab towards Fly, thanks for that Dave, typical that Id just gone, moaning how quiet the skies were.

6 Dunlin
5 Common Sandpipers
7 Redshank
4 LBBs
1 adult Ringed Plover
2 Wheatear + 1 juv each
2 Twite
1 Raven >N
293 Canadas + some still on the moor
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

LBBs heading to roost

Several LBBs over Queensbury >NW

Lbbs were trickling over Queensbury this evening heading straight for Fly Flatts or TMR hopefully to start forming a summer roost.Havent heard any more news of YL gulls this week but they should peak this month and next.
Two BH gulls were on the pitches in Foxhill park this lunch time and 4 were present in a field at Shelf Moor.
Hope these blue skies have gone by morning.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Gulls on the move

Had to go hospital visiting tonight at B.R.I. where gulls were flying over in good numbers. Seen this flight path from Soil Hill where the gulls follow the valley over Bradford then Thornton towards TMR and Fly Flatts. All LBBs apart from 2 Common gulls that I picked out over the hospital grounds, thats the beauty of this hobby, you can take it anywhere.
Havent seen anything in the way of movement over Queensbury today but we,re into July now so anything could happen, we,ve got to get Greenshank and Green Sandpiper at Fly Flatts this or next month.
Checking up on last nights sighting at Fly Flatts on the YL Gull and oddball Herring gull the Herring gull is probably the bird, or similar, seen and photographed last year at Ogden by NK and DJS.
Good birding this weekend.